Horseback Archery

Horseback archery is an ancient martial art, that has been revived into a modern equine sport. This is basically riding hands-free on a horse and shooting with a bow at targets that have been set up in various configurations, in order to prepare a warrior for a certain battle strategy. Most disciplines and styles in this sport come from ancient nomadic combat preparations and battle techniques. From Hungarian, Cossack, Kazak, Persian, Turkish, Mongolian, Korean, Polish and many more. Each of these countries or groups has developed its own unique style or discipline.


How does it work?
Most styles and disciplines run on a straight track of 90 m to 150m, with the targets set up on one side or either side of the track. Based on the rules of the specific style there is a required speed linked to the length of the track. Some styles have speed points and some styles speed points will not help the overall score. The Polish track is like a circular cross country track, with targets set up on both sides of the track as well as above the track.

What do I need?
You need to be able to properly ride a horse in the canter and have the confidence to let go of the rains and have both your hands free. If you do not have this confidence yet, start with endurance and work up to horseback archery. You will need a traditional bow without a shelve on the side of the grip that is correct for your draw length. You will need arrows that are also the correct draw length. It is very important to start with the correct equipment and drawing technique. The bow draw length needs to be as light as possible. This is a game of repetition and the wrong equipment with the incorrect technique will result in shoulder injuries. If you do not have a bow, arrows, saddle, and a horse, this can be rented or borrowed at the various training sessions.
Do not rush to buys equipment, first try, and see what will work for you.

Where do a start?
You need to be able to load/knock an arrow without looking at the string. While on the horse you need to always, keep your eye on the target. Knocking and loading can be practised at home. You need to shoot with both arms from both sides. Left and right will help to develop both sides of the brain.
We have a set calendar with a practice session for the club every second week of every month.

Check under the event section and join us for a fun-filled day.

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