Dressage Horseback Riding

Dressage is a French term meaning ‘training’ and its purpose is to develop the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to work making him calm, supple and attentive to his rider. In the discipline of Dressage, the horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements.

Dressage across disciplines

Dressage and Endurance both require that we make athletes of our horses and ourselves. It creates self-awareness and proper coordination for horse and rider. On the track, this helps to make quick decisions over rough terrain and finish with a strong sound horse. Dressage for endurance horses is beneficial for straightness, balance, obedience, strengthening muscles which in turn prevents injury and keeps bulky muscles loose and elastic. It improves and facilitates the horse’s performance at its normal tasks. In turn, it helps us as riders to be the lightest and most convenient load for your horse to carry. The horse is greatly influenced by how the rider sits on its back. When a rider sits in a balanced posture, maintains a supple lower back and allows the horse’s movements to flow smoothly through the body, the horse has the greatest chance to express his gaits in a calm and even manner.

You are welcome to contact Lisa-Sue (082 855 9218) or Rozelle (078 488 1403) for any advice regarding tack, tests, turnout etc. and help with attire, plaiting and understanding tests.

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